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Der große GTA V Tuning Guide

| 23. Juni 2018 | 0 Kommentare

von Sandro Villinger (Englische Version) am a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) addict. Back when it first came out, I only had a 486DX4 with a mere 100 MHz. The game took its toll on my PC to say the least, so I employed all of the techniques I knew (from tweaking system files to defragging […]


Skyrim optimieren (Englisch)

| 22. Juni 2018 | 0 Kommentare

by Tibor Schiemann The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is probably one of the most epic western RPGs. It offers more than 100 hours of gameplay (if you’re into exploring every detail) and is open-ended. But, the game doesn’t win the award for most beautiful games –and it can also cause quite a slowdown on less […]


Der große Max Payne Tuning Guide

| 1. Juni 2018 | 0 Kommentare

von Sandro Villinger Max Payne 1 and 2 are among my favorite games. The story and atmosphere haunted me, the graphics were extremely advanced for their time, and there was, of course, bullet time. I recently replayed the series on my iPad and was amazed by how well it still holds up. Now, more than […]